September 15-17, 2017



2017 WRAP-UP

Photos by Richard Sanderson

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Saturday morning program

10:00 AM

  • Eclipse Adventures: A Look Back at the Great American Eclipse moderated by Richard Sanderson.  Rich is the curator of physical science at the Springfield Science Museum, a member of the Springfield Stars Club, co-founder of the Conjunction and a passionate eclipse enthusiast. Members of the audience are invited to share stories and images of the August 21 total solar eclipse. Participants must email images to Kevin Kopchynski at by September 9. Please limit your presentations to ten minutes.

Saturday afternoon program

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

  • SATURDAY MORNING STAR-TOONS, Part 2 by Glenn Chaple, author and "Observing Basics" columnist for "Astronomy" magazine. This is a continuation of the popular program that Glenn presented for us in 2012.
  • EXPLORING THE UNIVERSE WITH THE JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE by Richard Nugent, member of the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston who taught Astronomy and Chemistry at Framingham High School.
  • THE BLESSED EARTH: A SCIENTIFIC LOOK AT WHAT MAKES OUR PLANET SPECIAL by Jack Megas, planetarium educator, member of the Springfield Stars Club and founder of the Conjunction.

Saturday evening address

7:30 PM



    • Peter began working with meteorites during the 1970s when he used them to create "out-of-this-world" jewelry. Today, he prepares meteorites for study and display, creates thin sections for research and etches iron meteorites to reveal their beautiful hidden qualities. His expertise has facilitated the design and creation of the popular "Rocks From Space" exhibit at the Springfield (MA) Science Museum, and he routinely provides meteorites to universities, museums and private collectors. Peter has traveled the world hunting for extraterrestrial rocks and is a member of the Meteoritical Society, the International Meteorite Collectors Organization as well as local and national astronomy associations. His presentation will focus on meteorites and impactites, the formation of the solar system and the role of meteorite impacts in the evolution of the earth. If you have any rocks that you think might have fallen from space, bring them along for an expert opinion. He also will have meteorites for sale.

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