Reliving the 18th Annual

Connecticut River Valley Astronomer's Conjunction


Fri. - Sun., July 9 - 11, 2000

Photos of the 2000 PROGRAM

SATURDAY MORNING PROGRAM - Saturday began with a round-table discussion, moderated by Ron Woodland, focusing on observing programs and including the Messier and Herschel Clubs, the Lunar Club, urban stargazing, and small-telescope observations. Participants included Janet Mattei, Steve Nathan, Sue French, Ed Faits, and Phil Harrington.

Janet Mattei, director of the American Association of Variable Star Observers, addressed the group.

Ed Faits speaks about deep-sky observing.  Other panelists were (left to right) Phil Harrington, Steve Nathan, Ron Woodland, and Janet Mattei.

"STAR-LORE OF THE ANCIENT AMERICANS" by Jack Megas, planetarium educator at the Seymour Planetarium in Springfield, Mass, founder of the Conjunction, and an expert on the legends and mythology of the stars and constellations.
"THE HISTORY OF TELESCOPE DESIGN" by Matt Marulla, telescope-making expert and creator of the award-winning "ATM Page" (, an Internet resource for telescope making.
"THE ASTRONOMICAL EXPEDITIONS OF DAVID AND MABEL LOOMIS TODD," by professional playwrights and stage actors Walter Carroll and Ann Maggs

This dramatic presentation in full period costume recounted events from the lives of Amherst College astronomer David Todd (1855-1939) and his wife Mabel Loomis Todd (1856-1932), an astronomer in her own right and first editor of the poems of Emily Dickinson.  Most who attended agreed that this was perhaps the best presentation ever given at the Conjunction.

"NOTES ON REFRACTING TELESCOPES" by Alan French, experienced observer and writer for "Sky & Telescope" magazine.
"ASTRONOMY AT THE EASEL" by Dave Gallup, astronomy educator, artist, and president of the Springfield Naturalists' Club.



 Dr. Brian Marsden

Noted authority on the orbits of comets and minor planets, director of the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass., and author of the book Catalog of Cometary Orbits.

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