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AST 202

Einstein's Universe:

High-Energy Astronomy

Spring 2017 semester

CRN: 29643


Instructor: Philip Harrington

How does the universe and all that's in it work?  This course answers that question from start to finish!  AST 202 surveys of some of the main ideas proposed by Albert Einstein a century ago and that serve as the cornerstone of 21st century astrophysics.  Topics include radiation laws and stellar spectra, physical characteristics of stars, star formation and evolution, nucleosynthesis, white dwarfs and planetary nebulae, pulsars and neutron stars, supernovae, relativity, black holes, galaxies and their evolution, the beginning and end of the universe, and the first reported detection of gravitational waves.

On this Web site, you will find the course syllabus and schedule, lab schedule, homework assignments and lab assignments as they are assigned, requirements for the term project, as well as a long list of links that students may find valuable as we travel through the universe together during the semester.



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