August 29-31, 2008


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Saturday morning program

9 AM:  The morning kicks off with a welcome over coffee and donuts at the Northfield Mountain Environmental Center.  The Conjunction's Swap Table, where astronomical goodies are bought and sold all day long also opens at 9.


10 AM - 12 noon:  Morning roundtable

Astronomy in the Next 25 Years: Where are We Going?

Topics to include:

Come prepared to discuss these important issues.  Or add your own!

Conjunction Solar Star Party 2008

"Barlow Bob" Godfrey, Ralph Marantino, Sue and Alan French, and friends treated us to spectacular close-up views of sunspots and solar prominences through specially filtered telescopes. IMG_9049 copy b.jpg (239873 bytes)

Saturday afternoon program

The afternoon program got underway at 1 PM.

Finding Needles in a Haystack: Analyzing Scanned Images of the of the Harvard Observatory Plate Collection by Ed Los, staff member of Harvard College Observatory and a member of the ATMs of Boston and the New Hampshire Astronomical Society. IMG_9032 copy.jpg (212317 bytes)  IMG_9029.jpg (158498 bytes)
Exploring Black Holes by Kevin Kopchynski, astronomy educator at the Springfield Science Museum, naturalist, and a member of the Springfield Stars Club. IMG_9043.jpg (190472 bytes)  IMG_9044.jpg (192764 bytes)
Pretty Astrophotography, Pretty Cheap by Larry Landolfi, astrophotographer extraordinaire (visit Larry's web site here). IMG_9056.jpg (183380 bytes)

Saturday evening address

Eccentrics, Old Maids, and Just Plain Maids: The Pioneering Women Spectroscopists of Harvard

Dr. Kristine Larsen

Dr. Larsen has been a faculty member at Central Connecticut State University since 1989, where she is currently Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Director of the university honors program. She is the author of two books, Stephen Hawking: A Biography, and Cosmology 101, as well as numerous articles and presentations. Although trained in theoretical physics, her research has focused on astronomy education, the history of women in astronomy, and the use of scientific concepts by fantasy and science fiction writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien. Dr. Larsen is also dedicated to public outreach in astronomy, mainly through the Copernican Observatory and Planetarium at CCSU and her work with the Springfield Telescope Makers in Springfield, Vermont. IMG_9069.jpg (177360 bytes)  IMG_9072 copy2.jpg (319719 bytes)  IMG_9077.jpg (418026 bytes)

Photo Gallery 

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IMG_9011.jpg (188624 bytes) IMG_9012.jpg (178470 bytes) IMG_9013.jpg (268573 bytes) IMG_9014.jpg (229038 bytes) IMG_9015.jpg (182080 bytes) IMG_9016.jpg (196258 bytes) IMG_9017.jpg (187107 bytes) IMG_9018.jpg (180405 bytes) IMG_9019.jpg (179451 bytes)
IMG_9020.jpg (185428 bytes) IMG_9021.jpg (182218 bytes) IMG_9022.jpg (181981 bytes) IMG_9023.jpg (185169 bytes) IMG_9028.jpg (135596 bytes) IMG_9033.jpg (245495 bytes) IMG_9034.jpg (242430 bytes) IMG_9037.jpg (226559 bytes) IMG_9038.jpg (249897 bytes)
IMG_9039.jpg (247515 bytes) IMG_9040.jpg (255702 bytes) IMG_9041.jpg (178472 bytes) IMG_9042.jpg (166346 bytes) IMG_9045.jpg (223028 bytes) IMG_9046.jpg (238177 bytes) IMG_9047.jpg (218677 bytes) IMG_9055.jpg (195911 bytes) IMG_9054.jpg (210549 bytes)
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