August 20-21, 2010


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The Conjunction kicked off again with dinner at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant, a family restaurant Route 2 in Gill, MA.





Saturday morning program

9 AM

The morning kicked off with a welcome over coffee and donuts at the Northfield Mountain Environmental Center.  The Conjunction's Swap Table, where astronomical goodies are bought and sold all day long also opened at 9.


10 AM - 12 noon:  Morning roundtable  

Topic: Bad Astronomy

We've all seen examples of bad astronomy in the media, whether it was watching a movie, reading the newspaper, of catching the evening news.  Bad astronomy is everywhere.  In this roundtable discussion, panelists Kevin Kopchynski, Glenn Chaple, and Richard Sanderson joined moderator Ron Woodland to describe some of those moments that have made them cringe.

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All Day: Conjunction Solar Star Party

"Barlow Bob" Godfrey treated us to some spectacular close-up views of sunspots and solar prominences through specially filtered telescopes.

Thanks, Bob, for coming all the way from Utica to share "your" star with us!

Saturday afternoon program

1 PM - 4:30 PM

175 Moons and Counting

Jack Megas.  As intriguing as the eight planets are, the many satellites in orbit around them are arguably even more exciting.  This talk described some of the fascinating moons that belong to our solar system's family.

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How to Write an Astronomy Column

Glenn Chaple.  This talk focused on writing for club newsletters, and included tips and samples from one of today's pre-eminent astronomy columnists.

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Lunar Challenges

Phil Harrington.  In this presentation, we looked at some favorite challenging features on the Moon's surface.  Based on Phil's next book Cosmic Challenge.

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OUTDOOR DINNER - A complete hot and cold buffet-style dinner will be available beginning at approximately 6 PM.  Last-minute registrants must contact Dave Gallup at (413) 525-4697.

Saturday evening address

7:30 PM

The Day We Found the Universe

Marcia Bartusiak

A dramatic narrative of the discovery of the true nature and startling size of the universe, delving back past the moment of revelation to trace the decades of workóby a select group of scientistsóthat made it possible.


Combining her skills as a journalist with an advanced degree in physics, Marcia Bartusiak has been covering the fields of astronomy and physics for three decades. Currently, she is an Adjunct Professor with the Graduate Program in Science Writing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Bartusiak is the author of Thursday's Universe, a layman's guide to the frontiers of astrophysics and cosmology, Through a Universe Darkly, a history of astronomers' centuries-long quest to discover the universe's composition, and Einstein's Unfinished Symphony, about the on-going attempt to detect gravity waves, the last experimental test of Einstein's theory of general relativity. All three were named notable science books by The New York Times. She also co-authored A Positron Named Priscilla, a National Academy of Sciences book on cutting-edge science. Her latest books are Archives of the Universe, a history of the major discoveries in astronomy told through 100 of the original scientific publications, and The Day We Found the Universe.    rs 706 (Large).jpg (88118 bytes) rs 709 (Large).jpg (91754 bytes)

Photo Gallery

Photos by Art Swedlow:

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    Photos by Richard Sanderson:

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