August 22-23, 2014


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The Conjunction will kick off again with dinner at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant, a family restaurant Route 2 in Gill, MA at 6:30 PM.  If you wish, you can meet us at the Barton Cove parking lot at 6:15 PM, or at the restaurant itself at 6:30.

  • Address: 39 French King Highway Rte. 2, Gill, MA 01354

    Phone: (413) 863-8210




Given clear skies, we will be at our regular observing site in Fuller's Pasture adjacent the Environmental Center starting at 8 PM on both Friday and Saturday nights.  Why not join us?  Please note that the Environmental Center building will be closed on Friday evening.


Latitude: N42° 36.950'

Longitude:  W72° 28.151'


Astronomical twilight ends


22 August 7:37 PM 9:21 PM 4:16 AM (23 Aug)

23 August 7:36 PM 9:19 PM 5:12 AM (24 Aug)






Saturday morning program

9 AM

The morning kicks off with a welcome over coffee and donuts at the Northfield Mountain Environmental Center.  The Conjunction's Swap Table, where astronomical goodies are bought and sold all day long also opens at 9.

10:00 AM - 11:30 PM

"Digital Astrophotography for Beginners" Our Saturday morning program is aimed at beginners in the field of digital astrophotography as well as those who wish to get involved in this exciting aspect of astronomy. The first speaker will be expert astrophotographer Al Takeda, who is an active member of the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston and is a Laboratory Manager at the Electronic Instrument Design Lab at Harvard University. Al will present, "The Wide Wide World of Wide Field Astrophotography."

Following Al will be Tim Connolly, an Electron Microscopist for Baystate Medical Center's Pathology Department. Tim is an accomplished astrophotographer and member of the Springfield Stars Club and Amherst Area Amateur Astronomers' Association.

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All Day: Conjunction "Barlow Bob" Memorial Solar Star Party

In memory of our friend and colleague "Barlow Bob" Godfrey, participants will treat us to spectacular close-up views of the sun through specially filtered telescopes.

If you have a solar scope, please bring it along to share Bob's star with others.

Saturday afternoon program

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

“Performing Public Astronomy at Mauna Kea” by John Sillasen, astronomy educator at the Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station and member of the Astronomical Society of Greater Hartford. sillasen.jpg (27849 bytes)
“Observing Earth Satellites” by Rich Nugent, Astronomy and Chemistry Teacher at Framingham High School and member of the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston. nugent.JPG (34304 bytes)
“The Legacy of John Dobson” by Dave Kelly, telescope judge at Stellafane and member of the Springfield Stars Club, and Astronomer’s Conjunction coordinator Ron Woodland, who also is a Stars Club member.  Both Ron and Dave are Master Telescope Makers, and they will talk about the life and legacy of John Dobson and the telescope design that made his name a household word among stargazers.  Introductory remarks will be made by Rich Sanderson, Curator of Physical Science at the Springfield Science Museum .  Members of the audience are encouraged to share their memories of John Dobson.   kelly.jpg (73719 bytes)

OUTDOOR DINNER - A complete hot and cold buffet-style dinner will be available beginning at approximately 6 PM.  Last-minute registrants must contact Dave Gallup at (413) 525-4697.

Saturday evening address

7:30 PM

"Navigating our Milky Way Galaxy" 

William H. Waller

This talk will give a tour of the entire Milky Way -- as viewed from our particular perspective within the Galaxy, and as imagined from beyond.

William H. Waller, Ph.D. is an astronomer, science educator, and writer. He has worked with NASA on several space science research missions and educational outreach programs. He currently teaches physical sciences at his hometown high school in Rockport, MA, and serves as a Zooniverse Teacher Ambassador.

Copies of his book, The Milky Way–An Insider’s Guide, will be available for sale before and after his talk.

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